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Ann Bishop (née Bowers)
Ann Bishop (née Bowers).

Ann Bowers

Ann Bowers was the seventh of the eight children of Henry Bowers (1812-1847) and his wife Ann Bailey (1811-1897).

She was born in Wicken and married James Simpson Bishop (1842-1901), a labourer of Wicken. The couple went on to have eighteen known children.

Ann is noted as a 'coprolite labourer' at the time of the 1871 census, although seeing as she was almost continuously pregnant, would have meant it was probably a short-lived career.

When the youngest of her children was just 2 years old, Ann died from Pneumonia, leaving the large young family in the care of her widower James, and undoubtedly in the care of her mother (whom she had predeceased by 8 years). Her sister, Sarah, was present at her death.

Ann left a personal estate of 60 in her will to her husband.

After Ann's death, her older and childless sister, Sarah (who was married to George Farby of Little Thetford) stepped in to helped look after the children and earned herself the affectionate name of "Granny Farby" and continued to look after her niece's and nephew's children as well.

Further Details

1843, Wicken, Cambridgeshire.

8th July 1855, aged 12 years at Wicken, Cambridgeshire.




5th March 1889 at Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, aged 45 years.

8th March 1889, Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, England.

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