The Crisp family of Cambridgeshire

The Crisp family have no ancestral link to my own family.

Their inclusion on this website is due to the first (and brief) marriage and subsequent child of John Crisp and my Great Great Great Grandmother Mary Tingey of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire, England.

Mary married John Crisp in 1846 with Mary 2 months away from giving birth to what was to be their one and only child - William Crisp.

Within months, John was dead, and left with a newborn baby, Mary swiftly re-married to recently widowed James Martin (my Great Great Great Grandfather). This new couple went on to have five childrem with the eldest being my Great Great Grandfather, James Martin.

William Crisp and his wife Tabitha Large had a family of seven children, and lived in Isleham until William's own premature death at about 39 years (rumoured to be from measles).

Tabitha went on to re-marry 3 years later to George Butcher, and the family moved to Milnrow, Rochdale, Lancashire where many of them took work in the woollen mills.

Some - namely George, Tabitha, and her Crisp sons James (Jim), and Isaac, returned to live in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England.