John Head

John Head was born in Barkway, Hertfordshire. His parents are currently unknown although they may have been either William and Jane Head of Thundridge, Hertfordshire or William and Ann Head of Barkway. If John is the son of the latter, then he was baptised in 1804 in Barkway, which leaves a slight discrepency with ages, unless he was already a few years old before he was baptised at the parish church.

John married Sarah Haggar in 1827 and the couple are documented as having just two children.

However, John appears to have lived a troubled life, when in 1834 he appeared at Hertford, he was charged with Larceny, and sentenced to 1 month in prison and whipped. It is noted then that he had been previously convicted of felony.

By 1843 he arrives on the Prison Hulk Ship 'The Warrior', moored at Woolwich, London, having been sent to prison for 7 years for 'stealing a quantity of peas'. A note reads 'character very bad'.

Despite these difficulties in remaining law-abiding, the family appear on the 1841 Census as living on the High Street at Barkway. Ten years later, and having only just returned from prison, John and Sarah are living alone (their daughter having married in 1847).

Further Details

circa 1802, Barkway, Hertfordshire, England.

Most likely on 21st July 1804 at St. Mary Magdalene church, Barkway, Hertfordshire, England.





December quarter of 1880.

Presumably at Barkway, Hertfordshire, England.

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