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Sabina Steadman Taylor

Sabina Steadman Taylor provides one of the most interesting rummages around in records so far. She first appears to me as Vine Taylor.

With the only reference of her parents available is that of her father "William" on her marriage certificate, I soon found that there was no baptism of a Vine Taylor anywhere during the 1850s.

The only baptism of a Vine Taylor took place in 1864, when 'my' Vine would have been 12 years old. Instead of "William and..." being listed as the parents, it is just "Susan Taylor of Cutter's Yard" that features in the Ely Holy Trinity registers.

With little else to go on, I sought help from and soon found that a "Sabina Taylor" was registered as being born in 1852 - the right year! Seeing as 'Vine's' name changes from 'Vine', 'Vina', 'Nina' and 'Vines' in census entries, I thought that I would give this Sabina a go.

The certificate arrived, naming her as 'Sabina Steadman Taylor' born in 1852 to Susan Taylor.

Assuming that 'Steadman' was either Susan's mother's maiden name or possibly the surname of the father, I searched the records for a Taylor/Steadman marriage... only to find Susan Taylor's own marriage in 1856 to William Crow Steadman. This marriage would therefore supply Vine with the father of "William", albeit the wrong surname. Still it appeared accepted that Mr Steadman was Sabina's father and Susan was her mother.

Looking further, in a hope to find a maiden name of a mother/grandmother of 'Vine', I searched the Taylor tree, finding several ancestors and siblings but no Taylor/Vine marriages.

I then checked the Steadman tree and found that William Crow Steadman's sister was called "Vinecrow Steadman" and that at the wedding of their parents, a "Vine Steadman" was a witness. This convinced me beyond all doubt that Sabina Steadman Taylor was in fact 'my' Vine Taylor.

Vine Taylor was the only known child of Susan Taylor and Wiliam Crow Steadman of Ely. She went on to marry George Cross of Ely and they had two children - Mary Ann and Susan (using her mother's name). Sadly, Susan died as an infant.

In 1881 the family of three are living in St. John's Place, Ely, with George being named as a General Labourer. By 1892 though, the family are living as the Landlord of 'The Eagle and Lamb' pub, part of Morgan's Brewery Co. Ltd, on Cambridge Road, Ely. George died in 1897/1898 and the licence passed to Vine who appears in records as the landlord from 1898 to 1904. In 1901, she appears as a widow living with two lodgers and her daughter and family are nextdoor.

The 'Eagle and Lamb' was demolished in the 1980s and the site is now an access road to the converted brewery (now a house) in the land behind it.

Sabina outlived her husband by 18 years, dying aged 64 in 1916.

Further Details

18th November 1852 at Bull Lane, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

10th January 1864 at Holy Trinity Church, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.





March 1916, Cambridge Road, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, aged 63 years.

22nd March 1916 at Ely Cemetery, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. Grave: F1063.