The Family Tree

The Wright family of Cambridgeshire

The Wright family lived in Cambridgeshire, England, during the late 18th Century.

However, there is only one confirmed Wright member in my family tree - my 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Wright. Even her existence is a puzzle, as there's no clear date or location of her birth, and there's two muddled church registers for her death date AND year.

All that I do know, is that she was married to my 5x Great Grandfather William Yarrow in October 1800 at Little Thetford, and was dead after having about nine children, but before the 1841 census.

It is possible that she may have been the daughter of William Wright and his wife Alice (née Cave) of Mepal, Cambridgeshire, but until her death date and year are confirmed (and there's no certificate!), it remains a mystery.