John Clements

John Clements' origins are currently unknown, but he first appears in the village of Soham, Cambridgeshire, England at his marriage in 1765.

It is most likely that John was the son of John and Catherine Clements of Stuntney (not far from Soham), who appear in the baptism register as the parents of a John Clements in the parish records in 1742.

Alternatively, John may have been the son of Abraham and Elizabeth Clemments of Dullingham near Newmarket - not far, but a further from Soham than Stuntney.

What is known about John, is that he married Elizabeth Slack and they settled down to have a family of seven children (5 sons, 2 daughters), of which the second daughter ('Edy') died as an infant.

John lived until he was 91 years - a remarkable age for 1831. His daughter Elizabeth also reached this age.

Life Events


  • circa 1740.



  • John Clements (1767-?) married Elizabeth Nixon (17??-?)
  • Elizabeth Clements (1770-1861) married Joseph Bishop (1771-1845)
  • Edy Clements (1771-1772)
  • James Clements (1773-?)
  • William Clements (1775-?) married Elizabeth Horsley (17??-?)
  • Robert Clements (1779-?) married Eleanor Ginn (17??-?)
  • Isaac Clements (1781-?) married Mary Staples (17??-?)


  • During November 1831 aged 91 years.


  • 7th November 1831 at St. Andrew's Church, Soham, Cambridgeshire, England.


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