Research your ancestor's locations

The place where your ancestors lived will have played a key role in shaping their lives. From the education and occupation that their parents held, to their family wealth, health, class, and relationships. All of these factors will have affected the types of the relationships that they had within their community, and vice versa.

A location really shapes lives, and therefore I'm growing the locations section of this site to include information about key towns and villages that played home to my ancestors.

To date, I have found no evidence, other than the Ethnicity Estimate from my AncestryDNA test, that suggests that any ancestors were not English. Of those documented, none have been born outside of England, and very few from anywhere other than the East Midlands/East Anglia region of England - mostly the county of Cambridgeshire, which is also my home.

Therefore, places within these areas take priority, but I'll slowly add key locations from my research to this section of my site. In the meantime, enjoy browsing!