Huntingdonshire is a former county, and now forms a district in the county of Cambridgeshire in England, United Kingdom.

This former county area, which is often abbreviated as 'Hunts', ceased to exist in April 1974 when county boundaries were adjusted. This resulted in the county and a number of its parishes being absorbed by the neighbouring county of Cambridgeshire.

The county was home to a small number of my ancestors, most notably the Gilbert family in Abbotsley, and the Newman family in Somersham, St. Ives, and Fenstanton.

Some evidence suggests that it may also have been the home to my Hawkins family at Great Paxton, and my Franks family at Coppingford, but limited research and evidence puts these two families' origins into reasonable doubt for the time being.

The Chapman Code for Huntingdonshire is HUN.

Key Ancestral Locations in Huntingdonshire

  • Abbotsley
  • Coppingford
  • Fenstanton
  • Somersham
  • St. Ives

Researching families in Huntingdonshire

The bulk of the parish records for Huntingdonshire are stored at the Huntingdonshire Archives. Due to the boundary changes and the county's absorption into Cambridgeshire, it is also worth exploring the catalogue at the Cambridgeshire Archives & Local Studies Centre in case they hold further items that may be useful to your research.

A number of family tree and genealogical organisations hold data and records useful to the family historian including:

Places Nearby

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