Winifred Gunton

Winifred Gunton (later Winifred Barber) was the only known daughter of Jeremiah Gunton, and according to Winifred's baptism entry, Robert Gunton of Mepal, Cambridgeshire, England, suggesting a lazy or illiterate scribe, rather than a liberal early 17th century church-going fenland couple.

Winifred would go on to marry Robert Barber in 1627, and the couple settled down to raise a family of at least four children. Sadly, the oldest two (both daughters), did not survive infancy, leaving the couple with two sons.

Robert pre-deceased Winifred in March 1638, with Winifred being present when his Will was proved in March 1639. It is unclear whether she remarried, or when she died, as I am yet to identify either scenario in available records.

Life Events


  • Circa 1606 at Mepal, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • 30th March 1606 at St. Mary's Church, Mepal, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • Robert Barber (1600-1638) on 29th May 1627 at St. Peter's Church, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • Marie Barber (1628)
  • Rebecca Barber (1630-1635)
  • Thomas Barber (1634-1706) married Joane (1634-1663), and later to Sarah Bowles (1640-1672), and also to Mary Lyntull (16??-1696)
  • William Barber (1636-?) married Elizabeth (16??-?)


  • Not yet known.


  • Not yet known.


  • Jeremiah Gunton (16??-?)
  • Robert Gunton (16??-?)


  • Not yet known.
  • Not yet known.
  • Not yet known.
  • Not yet known.

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