The Jackson family of Cambridgeshire

The earliest of my maternal Jackson ancestors was Thomas Jackson who lived in the fenland villages of Wicken, Cambridgeshire, England.

His first appearance in official records is when he appears in the Banns register for his marriage to Mary Turner at St. Laurence's Church during November 1754.

The couple were married on 11th November 1754, and within seven months they returned to baptise their first child - a son they named John Jackson.

They would return to the parish church a further seven times to baptise their children, which included a set of triplets (or as the parish register puts it - "three twins"!), one of which was my 6x Great Grandmother Mary Jackson. Sadly though, four of the children failed to thrive, and they died in infancy.

In 1778, Mary brings an illegitimate daughter (also named Mary Jackson) to be baptised at Wicken about five weeks before she marries my 6x Great Grandfather William Bailey. The newly-wed couple remain in Wicken and become parents to ten legitimate Bailey children, therefore ending my Jackson ancestry.

Wicken's earlier Jackson family

Whilst my earliest ancestor appears in Wicken in 1754, there are earlier Jacksons in the register. In February 1588 a Thomas Jackson was baptised at the parish church.

I have not yet been able to connect these two Jackson families, as there is a gap between Jackson entries the 1600s and the mid 1700s. I assume that they may have moved to one of the nearby villages.

Jackson family connections

The Jackson family are connected to a couple of my maternal families: