The Markham family of Cambridgeshire

My Markham family reaches back to my 6x Great Grandparents Thomas Markham who first appears in the late 18th century at the parish church in Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire, England.

This first appearance is Thomas' marriage to Susannah Pedley during the November of 1788, and the couple swiftly begin their family - becomming parents four times.

Whilst their two younger children - both sons - marry and can be found having several children each in Waterbeach, their daughter Elizabeth Markham appears to be missing from the parish records after her baptism.

Unlike her siblings, my 5x Great Grandmother Ellen Markham leaves the village and heads North across the fens to the village of Witchford, near Ely, Cambridgeshire, where she marries my 5x Great Grandfather William Dewey in 1812. She remains there with William to raise their family, both ending my Markham surname run, and my connection to Waterbeach.

Origins of the Markham surname

Whilst my research has only been within Waterbeach, I have seen hints within that points to Thomas having been baptised at the parish church in Chesterton - now absorbed by Cambridge - and coincidentally right nextdoor to where I once lived.

I shall pick up the research trail in the near future to see if there is any possibility of this being correct.

Variants of the Markham surname

I've only noted one variant of the Markham surname, and that was also during my discovery of my 5x Great Grandmother's maiden name - and as such, my research looked for the misspelt Markerham family for some time, but with little success.

It wasn't until following the clue from her census return noted place of birth, and then viewing the Waterbeach parish registers, that I realised the main spelling of the surname is Markham.

Markham family connections

I have found that the family is directly connected to only a couple of my ancestral families so far, but my research continues: