The Tall family

18th Century Origins

The most recent of my Tall family ancestors was my 4x Great Grandmother, Avis Tall, who was born in about 1788, in the large fenland village of Littleport, in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Her paternal grandparents (my 6x Great Grandparents), William Tall and his wife Mary Westwood are the earliest of the Tall family that I've located so far, giving me a marriage in 1761 at Littleport's St. George's Church.

A secret marriage?

In 1812, Avis marries my 4x Great Grandfather Robert Martin in the village of Wiggenhall St Mary Magdelen, in West Norfolk.

I have no evidential reason found so far that explains why Robert or Avis were in this parish, so it makes me wonder whether the couple eloped to this village instead - perhaps avoiding parental objections?

Their marriage was to only last 14 years, and whilst they had 6 children, only 3 survived before Robert Martin died in 1826.

Widowed Avis re-married in 1827, but remained in the Martin's home village of Little Downham.

Tall family connections

The Tall family are linked to a few of my ancestral families including: