The Watson family

Lincolnshire origins

I don't have much information about my Watson ancestors, but from the evidence I have found, it shows that my 5x Great Grandmother Rebecca Watson was living there when she married my 5x Great Grandfather Thomas Giddings in the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene in the village of Fleet in the county of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

Moving to Cambridgeshire

By about 1792, Thomas and Rebecca relocate with their growing young family to the market town of March in the county of Cambridgeshire.

With a few more baptisms in March, Rebecca and her husband Thomas were parents to at least 5 children.

The Watson surname made its mark in my family tree - with it becoming a first or middle name for three male descendents - including Thomas and Rebecca's son Daniel Watson Giddings born in 1798, then his son Watson Giddings born in 1829, and eventually Rebecca's Great Great Grandson Isaac Watson Martin born in 1874 - about 112 years after Rebecca's birth.

Watson family connections

The Watson family are directly linked to just one of my ancestral families so far: