Jabez Cross

Jabez Cross was the third of the ten known children of Uriah Cross and his wife Emily Edwards of Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

Jabez Cross' bakery cart at Littleport. Photo: The Littleport Society
Above: Jabez Cross' bakery delivery cart at Littleport. Photo: The Littleport Society

By the time that Jabez was 22, he had married Ellen West of Soham, and was working as a Baker and Confectioner in Broad Street, Ely, just round the corner from cousins on Forehill who were doing the same.

He and Ellen soon started their family, which like his parents, saw him become a father ten times.

At some point in late-1884, Jabez heads to Camden, Middlesex (as it was then) with his family. However, by 1891 they have returned and moved to the High Street at Littleport, Cambridgeshire - just a few miles north of Ely.

This time, Jabez sets up his bakery in Victoria Street which sees him, his wife, and many of his children work there. However, money was tight, and in April 1907, Jabez appears in the Isle of Ely Quarter Sessions court, where he is charged with stealing a 10-stone bag of flour from Thomas Peake, corn merchant of Littleport. The jury finds him not guilty. However, by July 1907, Jabez, who is now noted as a Councillor of Littleport, is back in court where he is declared bankrupt.

In 1908, now noted as an Ex-Councillor of Littleport, he was summoned to court again, after Susannah Cooper, also of Littleport, claimed that he had assaulted her. She did not attend court and the case was dismissed.

Jabez died in 1932.

Life Events


  • 28th December 1856 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • Ellen West (1856-19??) during 1877 in Cambridgeshire, England.


  • Eveline Cross (1878-?)
  • Herbert Ernest Cross (1880-?)
  • Marion Emily Cross (1882-?)
  • Frank Cross (1884-?)
  • Edwin R. Cross (1886-?)
  • Archibald Cross (1890-?)
  • Horace Kirby Cross (1891-1973) married Harriet Mildred Watts (18??-1971)
  • Arnold Cross (1893-?)
  • Wilfred Cross (1896-?)
  • Doris Ellen Cross (1899-?)

Census and Residence

  • 1861: Ely census destroyed
  • 1871: Not yet found
  • 1881: 25yrs, Broad Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.
  • 1891: 34yrs, High Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England.
  • 1901: 44yrs, Fern House, Victoria Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England.
  • 1911: 53yrs, Victoria Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • 1878: Baker Confectionery
  • 1880-1891: Baker
  • 1901: Baker and Confectioner
  • 1907-1908: Councillor of Littleport


  • During 1932 at Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, aged 75 years.


  • Not yet known.



  • Not yet known.
  • Not yet known.

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