The Gigner family of Cambridgeshire

My unusually-named Gigner family's history has so far given me only four Gigner names, reaching back to my 8x Great Grandfather Robert Gigner in the late 1800's in the village of Histon, just a few miles North of the city of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

Robert Gigner is known to have married my 8x Great Grandmother Sarah Mathews and together they had at least three children - with my ancestor seemingly the youngest - Mary Gigner who is baptised in 1701 at St. Andrew's Church in Histon.

Whilst Mary's first marriage to John Edwards lasted at most, a brief two years, she re-married four years later to blacksmith Richard Gawthrop and settled down with him to become parents six times. Sadly, both Mary and Richard had both died by the time that their youngest child was 5 years old.

Gigner family connections

The Gigner family is still quite small in my research, and they are linked to just two known ancestral families so far:

Research into this unusual surname will continue in due course.