James Gilbert

James Gilbert was the sixth of at least the nine children of yeoman John Gilbert and his wife Jane Taylor of Abbotsley in Huntingdonshire (now Cambridgeshire), England.

In 1725, James married Elizabeth Hale of Potton, Bedfordshire, and the couple settled in James' native Abbotsley where they became parents to at least eight children.

James died in 1747, just three years after the birth of their youngest child. This left Elizabeth as a widow at 40 years old with 8 children children to care for.

During 1767, it is noted that she held land of a Mr. Robert Edsope, and paid him a land tax of £1 and 19 shillings.

Elizabeth outlived James by almost 31 years, dying in April 1778, aged 71.

Life Events


  • During 1702 in Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire, England.


  • 20th January 1702 at St. Margaret's Church, Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire, England.



  • Elizabeth Gilbert (1726-?)
  • James Gilbert (1728-1778) married Ann Longstaff (17??-?)
  • Mary Gilbert (1731-?)
  • Jane Gilbert (1734-?) married William Pentlow (17??-?)
  • John Gilbert (1736-1807) married Mary Peck (17??-1805)
  • Anne Gilbert (1739-?) married William Peters (17??-?)
  • Sarah Gilbert (1741-?)
  • Joseph Gilbert (1744-?) married Mary Dixcey (17??-?)


  • July 1747 at Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire, England.


  • 13th July 1747 at St. Margaret's Church, Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire, England.


  • John Gilbert (16??-17??)
  • Jane Taylor (16??-17??)


  • James Gilbert (16??-?)
  • Joan (16??-?)
  • Not yet known.
  • Not yet known.

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