The Hopkin family

The Hopkin family have lived in the village of Witchford in the fenland of Cambridgeshire, England since at least the start of the 19th century.

The family has no confirmed ancestral link to me, so I am not really researching their family tree, but they are connected to my tree through marriage.

The marriage of Flanders Hopkin to Louisa Barber

The closest Hopkin relative being due to the marriage of labourer Flanders Hopkin to my 2x Great Grandmother Louisa Barber in 1903. She was 27 years his junior, and they raised a family of four children, and with the addition of Louisa's oldest child who was illegitimate, and my Great Grandfather, Ernest Herbert Barber who was born the previous year.

Ernest's father has often been speculated, although his daughter believed Flanders to be his father, in part due to his considerable likeness to his half-brother Walter Hopkin, and that it was believed that Louisa's mother did not wish her to marry such an older man. Only a DNA test will prove this theory, if I can locate a descendant of one of Flanders' siblings.

Hopkin family connections

The Hopkin family are only known to link to my Barber family so far, although their presence in a number of locations that play a role in my ancestry may well see them connect again as research continues.