Elizabeth Howlett

Elizabeth Howlett (also known as Betsy Howlett, and later Elizabeth Gipp) was the youngest of the seven known children of weaver John Howlett and his wife Elizabeth Poll of Wymondham, Norfolk, England.

In 1841, Elizabeth appears with her parents and older siblings, aged 4 years, as living at Burnt Fen, Lakenheath, Suffolk.

Betsy married labourer George Gipp in 1854, and by 1862 they were living at Burnt Fen, Mildenhall. The couple settled down to raise 11 children.

By the time of George's death they had moved a few miles away to Beck Row, where he sadly died from Meningitis in 1887.

Elizabeth was baptised in Mildenhall when she was 62 years old.

By the time of her final census in 1911, Elizabeth is aged 73 years, and is living with her oldest daughter Susan, and her husband Arthur Edwards, in Mildenhall.

Life Events


  • 5th February 1838 in Wymondham, Norfolk, England.


  • 28th May 1900, aged 62 years, at St. Mary's Church, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.


  • George Gipp (1833-1887) on 14th August 1854 at Holy Trinity Church, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.


  • Susan Gipp (1858-1923) married Arthur Edwards (1848-19??)
  • Ellen Gipp (1860-1936)
  • Thomas Gipp (1862-1943)
  • Samuel George Gipp (1863-1896)
  • Honor Gipp (1865-1936)
  • George Gipp (1867-1952)
  • Rainald Ishmael Gipp (1869-1911) married Annie Rolfe (1873-19??)
  • Elizabeth Gipp (1870-19??)
  • Albert Gipp (1873-1952)
  • Herbert Gipp (1875-1972)
  • Caroline Gipp (1877-1882)

Census and Residence

  • 1841: 4yrs, Burnt Fen, Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.
  • 1851: 14yrs, Burnt Fen, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.
  • 1861: 23yrs, Burnt Fen, Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.
  • 1871: 33yrs, Cottage at Burnt Fen, Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.
  • 1881: 43yrs, Burnt Fen, Lakenheath, Suffolk, England.
  • 1891: 53yrs, Palmer's Farm, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.
  • 1901: Not yet found.
  • 1911: 73yrs, West Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.


  • 11th February 1918 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.


  • February 1918, location not yet known.



  • Not yet known
  • Not yet known

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