The Long family of Cambridgeshire

My maternal Long family has seen me reach back to my 7x Great Grandparents, Philip Long and his wife Ann Bradford, when they married in 1760 at St. Martin's Church in the fenland village of Witcham, in Cambridgeshire, England.

This is the earliest record that I've located for Philip so far, but Ann's family had already lived in the village for at least her parent's generation between 1720s-1750s.

Long family at Witcham

At this marriage, which takes place in 1760, Philip is noted as being from nearby Coveney, Cambridgeshire, England, whilst Ann is noted as from the nearby parish of Witcham.

The couple are known to have had nine children. Ann's maiden name lives on for at least two further generations as the first name of their son Bradford Long, and their grandson - making him easy to track through parish registers and census returns.

So far, research has been fairly minimal, with few clues as to where the earlier Long family may have come from. There's one baptism in Coveney, but it's not Philip.

Later family appear just a few miles away in the village of Little Downham.

The Long family connections

The Long family are linked to only a couple of my ancestral families so far: