The Pope family

The Pope family are from the villages of Witchford and Wentworth in the fenland of Cambridgeshire, England.

The family has no ancestral link to me, so I am not really researching their family tree, but they are connected to my tree through marriage. The closest Pope relative being due to the marriage of labourer John Pope to my widowed 2x Great Grandmother Louisa Barber in 1914.

Pope family of Grunty Fen

John was born in the low-lying agricultural fenland of Grunty Fen, which lies adjacent on the south-west side of Witchford. He was the son of a Richard Pope and his wife Sarah Jane Shearman who appeared to move around between their marriage in Ely in 1871 and the neighbouring villages of Witchford and Little Thetford during the time that they were growing their family.

Pope family connections

The Pope family are only known to link to my Barber family so far, although their presence in a number of locations that play a role in my ancestry may well see them connect again as research continues.