The Scott family

The Scott family have lived in the village of Littleport in the fenland of Cambridgeshire, England since at least the 18th century.

The closest known Scott ancestor was Elizabeth Scott who was born circa 1720. She was my 7x Great Grandmother, and she married widower John Cross of nearby Ely, becomming his second wife in 1752.

Elizabeth Scott's unclear ancestry

However, this is where my research ends for now, as Elizabeth’s parents are unclear.

There is a baptism at Littleport's St. George's Church, on 18th December 1720, of an Elizabeth Scott, daughter of Nicholas and Anne. If this is a match, then her parents would be Nicholas Scott (buried 1732) and his second wife Anne Mitchell (buried 1727). The only evidence loosely suggesting that this is the correct Elizabeth Scott is that this is the only one baptised in Littleport during that time period.

It's fairly tantalising to assume the connection, but there's no other supporting information - with Elizabeth and John's marriage record not revealing who their parents (usually fathers only) were.

Scott family connections

The Scott family are only known to provide one ancestral link to my Cross family of the nearby city of Ely, although their presence in a number of locations that play a role in my ancestry may well see them connect again as research continues. The closest Scott name-bearer in my family was my paternal late Aunt, and no doubt came from this same ancestral family.