The Simpson family

The Simpson family are part of my maternal family, and they appear to have lived in the town of Soham in Cambridgeshire, England since at least the mid 18th century.

The most recent of the Simpson family in my ancestry is Elizabeth Simpson, who was my 5x Great Grandmother, and the youngest of the four children of James Simpson and his wife Lily Boon.

Elizabeth would go on to marry John Bishop, also of Soham, but sadly she would only reach her early thirties, and a mere 7 years into her marriage, when she died either during or shortly after giving birth to her third child.

That child, named Elizabeth, was baptised on the day of Elizabeth's funeral, but soon followed her to the grave.

Elizabeth's Legacy

Whilst that meant the end of her surname in my ancestry, the name would become synonymous with the Bishop family for generations, who go on to name nine of their male children with the Simpson name either as their first-name, or as their middle name.

The most recently recorded being Eric Simpson Bishop, born in 1919, 101 years after John and Elizabeth's marriage.

Simpson family connections

My research has found that the Simpson family are connected to two of my other ancestral surnames: