The history of the Truelove family of Bedfordshire

My paternal Truelove family sees my research stretching back to my 9x Great Grandparents, Edward Truelove and his wife Elizabeth in the parish records for Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

The 17th century Leighton Buzzard parish baptism records are a little scant of details, and with so few first names in use, it is hard to correctly determine ancestors from relatives.

I have ascertained that Edward and Elizabeth had at least two children - John Truelove (my 8x Great Grandfather) and his sister Mary Truelove.

However, I have not been able to locate the baptism of John in what is most likely to have been circa 1654 (bearing in mind that he married in 1671), although it appears that his siblings are featured.

There is one possibility that I have found so far: on 31st July 1649 a John Truelove was christened at Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London. This John's parents are noted as an Edward Truelove (which matches and is possible, although he'd be only 17yrs old) and Elizabeth. Could this be John's parents? The research continues!

John would go on to marry an Eleanor Goodsole of Leighton Buzzard, and raise a family of nine children, including my 7x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Truelove, and a son fantastically (and reassuringly, from a genealogy-checking point of view) named Goodsole Truelove.

Meanwhile, John's sister, Mary Truelove would go on to marry William Lord in June 1679, and have at least five children.

Variants of the Truelove surname

During my research, I have found no variants of the Truelove surname.

Truelove family connections

I have identified only two ancestral families connected to the Truelove family so far: