Elizabeth Truelove

Elizabeth Truelove (later Elizabeth Hale) was the third of the nine children of John Truelove and his wife Eleanor Goodsole of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England.

Unusually, for a period of time, Leighton Buzzard's baptism register notes the dates of birth rather than dates of baptism. This gives a rare 17th century date of birth, long before certification became compulsory in 1837.

When she was 29 years old, Elizabeth married William Hale - a tailor from the small village of Knotting, Bedfordshire, about 30 miles north of her native Leighton Buzzard.

The couple settle in Potton and raise a family of 10 children, although sadly, three of the children fail to thrive and die in their first few years of life.

Elizabeth appears to have been pre-deceased by her husband William by 5 years in January 1730, when their youngest son John was just 5 years old. Elizabeth died in March 1735.

Life Events


  • circa 19th September 1677 at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England.


  • 1677 at All Saint's Church, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England.



  • Elizabeth Hale (1707-1778) married James Gilbert (1702-1747)
  • Mary Hale (1709-1711)
  • Hannah Hale (1710-?)
  • Ann Hale (1712-?)
  • William Hale (1716-17??)
  • Catherine Hale (1718-?)
  • John Hale (1721-17??)
  • William Hale (1723-?)
  • Sarah Hale (1724-?)
  • John Hale (1725-?)


  • March 1735 at Potton, Bedfordshire, England.


  • 11th March 1735 at St. Mary's Church, Potton, Bedfordshire, England.


  • John Truelove (16??-?)
  • Eleanor Goodsole (16??-?)


  • Edward Truelove (16??-?)
  • Elizabeth (16??-?)
  • James Goodsole (1624-1718)
  • Not yet known

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