William Hale

William Hale was the second of the eleven children of Thomas Hale and his second wife Elizabeth Fairy of the hamlet of Knotting in Bedfordshire, England.

William moved to Potton, Bedfordshire when he married Elizabeth Truelove at the parish church in 1706.

He was working as a tailor at the time, and continued until his death in 1730.

The couple settled down to raise a family of 10 children but sadly three of the children failed to thrive and died in their first few years of life.

William died about 5 years before Elizabeth in the January of 1730 when he was about 40 years old, and their youngest son John was just 5 years old. Elizabeth died in March 1735, presumably leaving their family of young children to be cared for by their older children and relatives.

Life Events


  • circa 1689 at Knotting, Bedfordshire, England.


  • 4th July 1689 at St. Margaret's Church, Knotting, Bedfordshire, England.



  • Elizabeth Hale (1707-1778) married James Gilbert (1702-1747)
  • Mary Hale (1709-1711)
  • Hannah Hale (1710-?)
  • Ann Hale (1712-?)
  • William Hale (1716-17??)
  • Catherine Hale (1718-?)
  • John Hale (1721-17??)
  • William Hale (1723-?)
  • Sarah Hale (1724-?)
  • John Hale (1725-?)


  • 1706, 1730: Tailor


  • During January 1730 at Potton, Bedfordshire, England, aged 40 years.


  • 27th January 1730 at St. Mary's Church, Potton, Bedfordshire, England.


  • Thomas Hale (1660-1729)
  • Elizabeth Fairy (16??-1721)


  • William Hale (1621-1692)
  • Elizabeth (16??-1692)
  • Not yet known
  • Not yet known

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