The Cockerton family of Cambridgeshire

The Cockerton family appear in my maternal ancestry, with my most recent Cockerton ancestor being my 7x Great Grandmother, Susan Cockerton, who was born circa 1707 in the village of Soham, in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

Cockerton family of Soham

Susan was the youngest of about 5 children (4 daughters, 1 son) to a John Cockerton and his wife Ann Layton, who were both born during the latter part of the 1600s, and married in the neighbouring village (and Ann's home parish) of Fordham. I hope further research will eventually reveal more about the Cockerton family tree.

Sadly, of John and Ann's children, their sole son John Cockerton died within the first few months of life in 1705, leaving this surname to vanish through marriages of their daughters.

Cockerton family connections

I have identified only two ancestral families connected to the Cockerton family: