The Miller family of Bedfordshire

The earliest record of my Miller family is in 1731 in the village of Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire, England.

That earliest record notes the baptism of my 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Miller, along with her parents John Miller and his wife Susan.

Miller in Wrestlingworth

My Miller relatives appear for a few decades from the 1730s onwards, but what became of the siblings to my ancestor, is unclear.

My 5x Great Grandmother went on to marry William Gillings at Wrestlingworth, and have five children before her death in 1780, aged about 39 years. Their youngest child would have only been about 3 years old, and so it's unsurprising that William had re-married 3 years later and continued growing the Miller brood.

Variants of the Miller surname

The only real variant of the Miller surname that I've seen in my research has been the occasional spelling of 'Millar'.

Miller family connections

The Miller family is so far only connected to one other of my ancestral families, itself with many variants: