Second World War

The Second World War, beginning in 1939, saw some of my ancestors embroiled in fighting for freedoms. Their parents' generation were still grieving The First World War, and many knew all too well the trauma and heartbreak that this new conflict could bring.

In hope of never knowing a Third World War, or any conflict on the same scale as WWI or WWII, I can only respectfully honour the bravery and sacrifice that my relatives bore.

WWII Relatives

The list below gives the names of those who served and fought in World War 2, and it includes survivors and those who never returned home.

In comparison to my First World War list, this one is much shorter. As my research continues to identify relatives who served, they'll be added here too.

  • Charles George Boylett (1927-2008) - survived
  • Leonard John Boylett (1919-1982) - survived
  • Robert William Dewey (1916-1988) - survived
  • Claude Artingstall Hardy (1896-1988) - survived
  • John Rodney Hayes (1901-1980) - survived
  • Alfred Dennis Howlett (1911-1943) - died
  • Oliver Verdun Howlett (1917-1942) - died
  • Sydney Howard Levitt (1882-1961) - survived
  • Cyril William Martin (1916-2006) - survived
  • Sheldon J Moden (1923-2007) - survived
  • Leslie Newman (1914-1985) - survived
  • Owen Gilbert Newman (1920-1942) - died
  • Tom Peacock (1907-1978) - survived
  • John Whiteside (1924-1969) - survived
  • Alfred Yarrow (1920-1943) - died
  • Ebenezer Flower Yarrow (1915-1975) - survived

Useful WWII research resources

There are many useful resources for researching your relatives in the Second World War, and I've found the Commonwealth War Graves, Roll Of Honour and Lives Of The First World War websites to be really useful in my research.