Alfred Yarrow

Alfred Yarrow on Little Thetford War Memorial.
Above: Alfred Yarrow, listed at the foot of Little Thetford War Memorial. Photo: Andrew Martin.

Alfred Yarrow was the fourth, and first illegitimate, child of widow Laura Dewsbury, then Laura Yarrow, of Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, England.

Despite Alfred not being the son of his mother's late-husband Owen Yarrow, he was raised as if he was, even taking the Yarrow surname. The identity of his father remains a mystery.

Alfred enlisted in the 5th Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment as Private 5835326 to fight in the Second World War.

He died whilst a Prisoner Of War, and was buried in Thailand.

Life Events


  • 1920 at Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire, England.

Military History

  • WW2: Private #5835326, with the 5th Bn Suffolk Regiment (WW2)



  • 27th June 1943 in Thailand, aged 23yrs.


  • June 1943 at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand.



  • Illegitimate Line.
  • Illegitimate Line.

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