The Taylor family

The Five Taylor Family Trees

There are five instances of the Taylor surname in my ancestry, and several other appearances of it marrying relatives.

So far, the five family groups have managed to remain unconnected until my ancestors' marriages, but four of them are based in Cambridgeshire and one in neighbouring Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Taylor family of Soham and Fordham, Cambridgeshire

The Soham branch of my Taylor family give me by 4x Great Grandmother Elizabeth Taylor, who was baptised at Soham in 1819.

Curiously, her parents (William and Lucy) both appear to have been Taylors from birth - him from Fordham, she from neighbouring Soham. I wouldn't be surprised if these two ancestral Taylor families join up and turn this husband and wife duo into cousins as well.

Lucy's branch remain in Soham, and allow me to reach back into the 18th century, to her parents Jonas Taylor and his wife Elizabeth Lock, and then on to his parents (my 7x Great Grandparents) Jonas Taylor and his wife Anne Staples, who were married in Soham in 1742.

Taylor family of Ely, Cambridgeshire

The Taylor family of Ely is at least 4 generations old, with my most recent ancestor of this branch being my 3x Great Grandmother Sabina Steadman Taylor who was born in Ely in November 1852.

Sabina became known as 'Vine' and after marrying my 3x Great Grandfather George Cross, the couple became landlords of The Eagle and Lamb Public House on Cambridge Road, for 12 years until 1904.

This Taylor branch also gives me one of my favourite first name/family name combinations in my family tree - Duffle Taylor (I think they were male).

Taylor family of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire

The Little Downham branch is so far, nothing more than a fleeting appearance until I research it further.

This branch is home to my 6x Great Grandmother, Mary Taylor, who marries my 6x Great Grandfather Trew Nicholas in 1766. Mary and Trew die about 6 weeks apart in 1808, but not before having a family of 12 children.

Taylor family of Barkway, Hertfordshire

The Taylor family appear in the village of Barkway, Hertfordshire, where my 5x Great Grandmother Sophia Taylor marries my 5x Great Grandfather, James Barker in October 1784.

Aside from having 3 children with James, I have no further details - and therefore currently unable to speculate who her family are, or where they came from.

Taylor family connections

Those five Taylor families are linked to a many of my ancestral families including: