The Whitehead family of Cambridgeshire

I have two different Whitehead surname-holders in my family. Both are female, and both were my 5x Great Grandmothers.

The first one was Elizabeth Whitehead - the second wife of Philip Newman (1760-1809) of Fenstanton. Together they raised a family of six children in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, England, between 1785 and Philip's untimely death whilst working in a windmill in 1809.

The second one was Esther Whitehead - the first wife of William Moden. Again, the village of Haddenham plays home to this couple, who married in 1804. They are known to have had at least two sons before Esther died aged 32 years, in 1815. William then re-married his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Howard.

Due to a large number of John, William, Mary, and Elizabeth Whiteheads in such a small geographic area, researching this branch results in a somewhat tangled mystery.

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