The Wright family

The Wright family sits in my maternal family tree, with the earliest being my 6x Great Grandfather William Wright, who was born during the mid-1750s.

William married Alice Cave at Mepal, Cambridgeshire, during the September of 1774, and they became parents the following year to the first of at least eight children, all at Mepal.

Wright family in Mepal

There are Wright surname-holders in the Mepal parish records from at least 1608, but my researched family only reaches as far back as William and Alice's marriage in 1774, and it seems that William may have come to settle at Mepal because of Alice.

There are a number of parallel Wright church register entries in the nearby village of Sutton, suggesting that the Wright family may have come from there.

The Wright family remained in Mepal until at least the 1820s, when Alice died. It appears that William moved to live at Sutton, where at least two of his sons had previously moved to, and he is noted as 'of Sutton' when he was buried in Mepal in 1829.

William and Alice's third child, and oldest daughter, was Elizabeth Wright was my 5x Great Grandmother, and in October 1800 she married farmer William Yarrow of the hamlet of Little Thetford just a few miles South of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

They went on to have 11 children before Elizabeth died, but her death puzzled me on and off for 6 years - with no certificated death to match her headstone, a parish register note stating she'd died in London, an entry in a second burial register, and other conflicting evidence. I eventually solved it in September 2017.

Wright family connections

With the limited research that I have done into the Wright family, I have only found two ancestral families that are connected. They are: