Ely is a city in the East Cambridgeshire district of the county of Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

The city has been home to many of my paternal and maternal families on and off for more than 400 years, but most notably to my Cross family, my Moden family, and my Cooper family.

Researching families in Ely

The bulk of the parish records for Ely are stored at the Cambridgeshire Archives & Local Studies Centre, and the Cambridgeshire Family History Society has transcribed a large number of records and made them commercially available.

The Cambridgeshire Archives and Local Studies centre will be moving to Ely from Cambridge soon.

Whilst the headstones in the grounds of Ely Cathedral have been all but cleared, although number still stand in St. Mary's Churchyard. The cemetery, which has taken burials since 1855 is still used for interments today.

The city is home to Ely Museum in the Old Gaol, which contains a large collection of artefacts collected by distant cousin Frederick Vernon Cross, and which helped to found the museum.

Sadly, The Ely Society closed in the summer of 2015.

The Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network (CCAN) includes a collection of images of Ely, and is well worth exploring for those with ancestors (or memories of) in Ely.

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