The Newell family of Cambridgeshire

Newell of Ely

I have known of my Newell family connection for some time since the late Pam McClymont of the Cross One Name Study pointed me in the right direction via her extensive research. After a bit of checking up on pieces of her research against the records, I was able to see that her discovery would lead me to further records to add more information and relatives to my Newell family tree.

The earliest date that I have for the Newell family is the 7th October 1794 when my 6x Great Grandfather, Francis Newell married Miss. Mary Haylock at St. Mary's Church in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

I have managed to track five of their children, and with further inspection of the records, I may be able to grow this family research some more.

Variants of the Newell surname

I have found a few phonetic variants of this surname whilst researching the parish registers of Cambridgeshire. They are:

  • Newell
  • Newall
  • Newill

Newell family connections

During my research, I have found that the Newell family have ancestral links to a few of my families including: